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You can now declare wars and fight other towns and nations!


Your Town and nation can be neutral, default setting is non-peaceful. You can use “/twar n” to toggle your towbs neutral status, but you need to pay 5k money! After setting your town to neutral, nobody can declare an war against you.

Declare a war

You can declare wars against non-peaceful towns and nations. The command to do that is “/twar declare townname”, replace townname with the town name you want to declare war on. When war started both towns can be used as battle arena, also others can fight against both towns. PvP is toggled to true in both towns while wars.

Join wars

Other towns can join wars, but they need to be invited. You can invite other towns into war with “/twar joinwar townname”, after that the invited town need to accept the invite with “/twar invite townname”. Then other towns can take a place in wars and help the town which invited them.

End wars

You can end wars with “/twar end”, the town which ran that command will lose the war.

Ended wars

If an war ends, then the town with lowest kills will be lose. That towns chunks will be given to the winner town.

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