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§1 - Disclaimer Agreement
1.1 The following rules apply to the entire EarthVision network and all of its divisions.
1.2 By playing on our server or joining our discord you automatically agree to our rules.
1.3 Ignorance is not an excuse. Everyone is responsible for their own account.
1.4 Any rule violation can lead to either a temporarily or permanent ban/mute.
1.5 Our staff has the authoritative final say on all decisions. They may punish you without a reason or with a warning outside of these rules.
1.6 The administration reserves the right to change the rules without a warning.
1.7 You must commit to instructions given by staff members.
1.8 Bypassing a punishment is not allowed.
1.9 Pretending to violate a rule may lead to the same or similar consequences.

§2 - Punishments
2.2 A player only gets punished if they violate the rules. Exceptions may occur.
2.2 If a player receives an unjustified punishment they can contact the staff on the discord support.
2.3 You can request the proof for your punishment but it mustn't be shown.
2.3 Possible punishments for both Discord and Minecraft:

  • permanent or temporary ban
  • permanent or temporary chatban
  • warning / kick

§3 - General Behaviour
3.1 Conversations should be lead in a peaceful and respectful manner. Conflicts must be solved privately.
3.2 Any inappropriate behavior towards other players or the server is strictly forbidden. This also applies to any inappropriate builds on the server.
3.3 The spam of messages, pings, capital letters or emojis is prohibited.
3.4 Do not spread any confidential information.
3.5 Advertising of any kind of products or other services in form of links (or other) are not allowed.
3.6 Deals or trades with real currency are prohibited.
3.7 Destroying or vandalising other players' creations or unclaimed nature (known as griefing) is forbidden.
3.8 The use of misleading, offensive or abusive ingame names, town/nation names, Discord names or Minecraft skins is forbidden and the player will be temporarily banned until this is changed with accordance to the rules.

§4 - Bugs & issues
4.1 Any bug or issue found must be reported to the staff immediately!
4.2 The exploitation of bugs or issues is strictly forbidden and will lead to a ban.
4.3 We do not recover any items lost due to a bug. Exceptions may be made in certain circumstances.

§5 - Combat, wars & client modifications
5.1 Any modifications that give the player a significant advantage towards other players are not allowed.
5.2 Killing a player shortly after they respawn is prohibited.
5.3 Declaring war on a town, younger than 4 weeks is not allowed.
5.4 Trapping players is not allowed::

  • in claimed areas
  • at the world- & endspawn, warps and players (re)spawnpoints
  • longer than 2 minutes
  • with blocks that take longer than 30s to break with the hand

5.5 It is not recommended to use mods and we won't provide any support for these.
5.6 List of modifications that are not allowed. A modifications doesn't have to be listed here to be prohibited.

  • Killaura
  • Autoaim / Aimbot
  • Any modification which highlights blocks or entities or makes them visible through blocks (as a texturepack or client modification)
  • Modifications that allow a player to get a view outside of the possible view (e.g freecam, arrowcam)
  • Automated execution (fishing, eating, equip, chest looting)
  • Click modifications (auto clicker, macros, any tool to boost the click rate or automates it)
  • Any modification that will allow you to do things faster then normally possible
  • Modifications which place or break blocks automatically
  • Any movement modification that normaly wouldnt be achievable

§6 - Claiming
6.1 You are not allowed to claim arount other peoples' claims.
6.2 Claiming in marked areas or areas sourrouned by claims is prohibited.
6.3 Rules 6.2 & 6.3 do not apply for previous existing claims.
6.4 Endportals can only be claimed if allowed by the administration.

§7 - Temporary rules

Any kind of damage to EarthVision is prohibited!

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